How To Improve General Awareness for SSC CGL 2017 Exam ?

By | September 4, 2017
  • Candidates are you preparing for CGL 2017 Exam ? Here we are discussing about How To Improve Your Marks in General Awareness Section.


Candidates you all knew that SSC CGL 2017 Exam is Scheduled in the month of August, and How competitive this Exam, and your worries may increases when you know the fact and fact is the record No. of 35 lac of students are enrolled themselves with this SSC CGL 2017 exam. But after all worries we have one good news as well and good news is we have discovered a unique strategy to score as mush as possible in CGL Exam.

First of all candidates it’s very important to have CGL Tier 1 Syllabus and Books for CGL Tier 1 Exam. and here we are going to discussing about the sure shot & short tips to get high score in upcoming CGL Exam.

In this Page, we are going to share Tips and Tricky Tricks to high score in General Awareness Section, as you all know there is 25% (50 marks) weight-age in overall marks of whole exam.

Candidates have you ever heard a beautiful phrase “Collect Drop Drop Water and one day it will become a large ocean one day” so similar in that case as well when you preparing for this competitive examination.

Firstly it is very important to pay attention while preparation of any exam and giving equal time and attention to each and every subject. But most importantly you need to give more attention to General Awareness Section. Because most of Applicant think this section is very easy and they put this section in underrated.

So, Today we are going to discussing on some tricky rules which you need to follow them and applied these rules during your preparation for the General Awareness Section of SSC CGL Exam.

Syllabus of General Awareness Section

Here is the List of Topic Wise Syllabus of Distribution of Marks for General Awareness.

1. Indian history (6 Marks)
2. Indian Polity (4 Marks)
3. Indian Economy (5 Marks)
4. Indian geography and world geography (3 Marks)
5. Economic news (1-2 Marks)
6. Budget and five-year plan (3-4 Marks)
7. Sports event (2-3 Marks)
8. Books and author (2 Marks)
9. Award and honour (1-2 Marks)
10. Science inventions and discoveries (1-2 Marks)
11. Abbreviations and important days (1 Marks)
12. International and national organisation (2 Marks)
13. Current affairs (5 Marks)


This Marking Scheme is Approximation and we made on the basis of Previous year exam papers. So, Don’t depend on them this is like for dummy purpose it is just to guide you.

How to Secure High in General Awareness Section

1. Student Should be well versed with Syllabus has higher chance to Secure high marks.

Firstly candidate have to clear there is no need to write a book during examination. It is very important that you only concentrate on your syllabus and buy book which consist whole syllabus. It will help you in covering each and every topic and chances are you would not get confused.

2. Students Each and Every topic matters and read each and every word as well like you are reading it for the last time.

When you start preparing and studying for the general awareness section than it is very necessary you should read it very loud and clearly. According to this method answer of that particular question will stick in your mind and it will help you during your exam.

3. Write Down whatever you read.

It is scientifically proved that if you write, read & listen something 60% of whole is stick in your mind. According to this method if you write something which you can read or listen so probability of Remembering of that is much higher than 60%.

5. Balanced and Regular Study is Must.

Mostly those students who exceed in the competitive exam and those who studied time table wise means they devote equal time to each and every subject . So, It’s doesn’t Matter that you studied English or Reasoning for 4 hrs and now you need to study (GK) General Awareness for next 3 hrs. During Preparation Balancing of schedule is very important.

5. Previous Year Question Papers 

Candidates if you have every appeared in any competitive exam than you must be aware of the importance of previous year exam papers. So, Candidates if you are going to attempt first time of any competitive exam than you have to ask any body who have experience of competitive exam they told you importance of Previous Year Question Paper.

6. Mock Test

It is similar like Previous Papers it is important to aspect to increase your speed and efficiency. Taking a Mock test it is equivalent to real test.

Candidates as you all know Positivity in most important aspect of life. And Syllabus is vast and huge but it doesn’t mean you loose your hope.

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