Importance Of General Awareness Section In Competitive Exams SSC SGL

By | November 16, 2017
Here in this article we are providing Importance Of General Awareness Section In Competitive Exams question in SSC SGL etc.. So applicants carefully read the whole article. 
Today there are different competitive exams for jobs in different fields like administration, technical sectors etc. But one of the common sections in the syllabus of these exams is General Awareness section. Depending upon the concerned competitive exam, this section constitutes about 20 marks to as much as 50 marks. General awareness can be classified into static and current data.
Importance Of General Awareness Section In Competitive Exams

Indian History:

History never changes. So, it is better to read one reliable source and re-read it. It consists of :
  • Information about important battles fought in the past
  • Order of succession of the rulers
  • Prominent foreign visitors and their contributions
  • Art and Architecture
  • Important Economic Policies of various rulers
  • Important contributions of various rulers
  • Important Movements- Social, Religious, Political in the past, their outcomes and their leaders
  • Important women contributors of the past

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 Indian Polity: This is one of the easiest parts and can fetch a good amount of marks. It consists of :
  • Constitution of India
  • Landmark acts and legislation
  • Various Constitutional and non-Constitutional bodies in India-their functions and responsibilities
  • Important Posts like President , Prime Minster, Governor etc.

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Indian Geography: It consists of
  • Physical Features of India like important mountains, rivers etc.
  • Important features like tallest, shortest peaks etc
  • Various Geographical Structures and their formation
Indian Economy: Includes
  • Basic terminology
  • Various policies/schemes adopted by government
  • Important Financial Institutions/ Organizations

Environment: Consists of

  • Basic terminology related to environment like biomes etc
  • Various acts related to the environment
  • Important dates like World Environment Day(June 5)
  • Major events across the world with respect to environmental protection, preservation etc. Ex: Jawahar Solar Mission (India)
Science: Requires understanding of science of level of 10th standard -Physics, Chemistry, Biology about
  • Classifications
  • Basic Laws , fundamental principles
  • Applications of the above
Current data :
It refers to events in the recent past or current happenings and includes
  • National Affairs
  • International Affairs
  • News related to Economy, Science, Sports
  • Various Government Schemes
  • Other Miscellaneous topics etc

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Why is General Awareness section included in the competitive exams?

General Awareness section is basically aimed at testing the level of understanding of the aspirant, knowledge of the aspirant about the environment around him/her and its application in society. The questions in this section are mostly associated with events, dating back to at least 4-6 months prior to the date of examination. Although there is focus on current affairs, sometimes static data is also given importance. This section is useful for not just the preliminary section of the examinations, but also for the mains section and interviews as well.

Importance of General awareness section in competitive exams:

From score point of view in a competitive examination, General Awareness section is relatively of higher importance. This is because it is :

Not Time-Consuming :
  • In general, this section can be completed in between 10-12 minutes.
  • Hence, with a planned and meticulous preparation, one can fetch a good amount of marks within a little time in this section.
  • Given that most of the competitive examinations have sectional cutoff, it is important to get minimum cutoff in every section.
  • Time saved here can be used in other sections like Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning which take time for lengthy calculations.
Deciding Factor :
  • In this section, every question can be a hit or a miss.
  • If one knows its answer, a question is a hit, else it is a miss.
  • Although there is sectional cut-off, it’s not enough to just qualify the cut-off. It is very important to boost one’s final score and it is here where General Awareness section assumes importance.
  • Good preparation in General Awareness section can help in improving the overall scores. Hence, this section can actually decide if an aspirant would be in the qualifying list or not.
Preparation Time:
  • Unlike Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning sections which require a good amount of effort, General Awareness section can be tackled within lesser time, with the help of a planned preparation.
  • Since it has more to do with memory, repeated revisions will help one in improving his/her performance in this section.
  • This helps one in using more time for other sections like Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning sections which rather consume a lot of time.
No Limitations due to English:
  • English can be a difficult subject for those students from non-English backgrounds. In comparison, score in General Awareness section is not restricted by one’s limitations in the English language.

How to improve one’s General Awareness :

General Awareness is not something that can be mastered in a day or two. It is a planned effort which bears its fruits through an informed, diligent and scheduled preparation. Today with so much of information, one must remember that information also remains the same in every other source. Hence, instead of struggling between various sources, it is better to confine oneself to limited and reliable sources.

Sources of Preparation:

Newspaper Reading: Daily reading of a newspaper helps improve one’s command over the subject. In addition, it helps improve one’s language skills. Hence, sufficient time must be allocated for paper-reading.But what should one read in a newspaper?

One need not know:

  • When is Padmavathi release date?
  • How many people were injured in some attack?
  • About political fights

What to Read:

  • News about Economy, Science like terms
  • Important National and International events like GST, ongoing India-EU talks etc.
  • Sports news about winners of various sports events at national and international levels like ongoing FIFA U-17 World Cup in India
  • Important information about past events
  • Important abbreviations, persons in news
  • Awards and Honours
Reading a standard newspaper like The Hindu or Indian Express (English) can help one develop greater understanding of one’s knowledge and English as well.

Monthly Current Affairs Magazine:

  • A monthly magazine current affairs magazine can be referred to develop a concrete understanding of current affairs. Such magazines will also help in reading current affairs which otherwise have been missed by us.
  • Revising such magazines over and over again will help in strengthening our current affairs section.
  • Preparation of current affairs of at least last 4-6 months prior to the date of examination is a must to fetch maximum marks in the General Awareness section

Old Question Papers: Old question papers need to be revised from time to time. They help in:

  • Understanding the standard of questions asked in the actual examination
  • Estimating the standard of our preparation with respect to the actual examination
  • Understanding the variation and pattern of questions and questioning style
The sources of the examination must be reliable and up-to-date. Preparing in a meticulous and planned effort using these sources helps one to direct their efforts and hard-work in the right direction and thus , boosts one’s confidence to fetch maximum possible marks in the examination.
Mock Tests:
  • Testing one’s preparation level is as important as preparation itself.
  • Hence, it is important to take mock tests to test one’s preparation standards.
  • Moreover, mock tests help us in improving our efficacy.
  • But mock tests should not be taken as simply. Every time when one attempts a mock test, it must be attempted like the actual exam itself. This will enhance our speed, understanding, and level of preparation.
  • Once the test is written, review and analysis of the test can be done and care must be taken to rectify the mistakes.
  • Repeating same old mistakes can be a costly affair in the form of negative marking and care must be taken to rectify these mistakes with every next test possible.
  • Keep revising the mock tests for better results in the final examination.
With careful, structured, planned preparation, one can score a good amount of marks in the General Awareness section. Since it requires good memory, reading and revising the sources will greatly help in enhancing one’s level of preparation and boosting one’s confidence. The accuracy required in answering this section is quite high compared to other sections. If one is completely unaware about a question in this section, its better to skip it rather than making a wild guess, as it can cost them in the form of negative marking. So keep revising and improving

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